Miami, Music, and More!

Family, I have 3 very important updates for you. We are approaching the end of our campus phase and our school is buzzing with excitement!

  1. Exciting news for my Miami Beach church family — our entire outreach (previously split between New York and Miami) is now headed to Miami in the second week of December. I am still not sure how our schedule is mapped out but I will be in the city 2 weeks earlier than originally planned. 🙂 I am excited to return to my city and do ministry with our team. And I am so looking forward to seeing all of you!
  2. After much prayer and consideration, I feel the Lord calling me to return to YWAM Orlando in the Spring for one of their secondary schools– School of Worship. The dates for the school are April 6 – August 27. My application is being processed but I do not have any financial information yet — I will have a fairly significant need to cover another school and potential outreach. I will send an update with more specifics soon.
  3. With Thanksgiving at the end of this week, we have been processing all that the Lord has done since the start of our school. This week was our last meeting for worship elective, and we looked back on the ways that we have grown as worship leaders and songwriters. About a week ago, we hosted an event where our group shared original songs that we have written as individuals and groups since the beginning of campus phase. I am so excited to share one of the songs with you all — see the YouTube link below for one of the songs that I wrote with my co-writing group.

More Pictures

My entire Discipleship Training School, including staff members
Surprising my roommate Ana with a birthday cake

Thank you for reading!

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  1. This is so beautiful Anna! I love the song and I can’t wait to see you , Lord willing ,when you come down to Miami . ❤️❤️

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