Looking to the Future

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“Looking to the Future.” Aren’t I always?

As of today, I have officially submitted applications for three wildly different gap-year-type formative experiences to begin after my graduation this upcoming summer (more information to come). The next post-graduation move in my future has been looming as a big exciting question mark for at least the last several years, as my graduation date has shifted back and forth due to some unexpected life changes.

The most recent life change, known as COVID-19 (some of you may have heard of it), has pushed my graduation date a few months earlier than expected and I will be (FINALLY!) graduating from Florida International University in August of 2020.

I have always loved the delicious month of September. Home of that sweet spot in the Fall semester before class work sets in, September almost feels like a vacation: regardless of what my life has looked like in September each year, that month always seems to hold the nicest people, the quietest moments of relaxation, and the smoothest transitions into Miami winter and fall. Oh, how the anticipation builds for those chilly winter temperatures of 50 and 60! Brrr!

What exciting opportunity do you hold for me this September in 2020, God? Life is short and life is crazy and a lot can happen in 6 months.

To you, reader, please pray for me as I consider where God may be calling me this fall. He may be calling me to stay right where I am. He may be calling me to go! Either way, I’m excited for what the future will bring. Please also pray for me as I apply for scholarships that will financially support me in these last few months as I crawl to the finish line of my academics. I’m so close!

This virus is affecting everyone differently. How is it affecting you? Leave a prayer request in the comments (or text me privately) and I would love to pray for you.

God is in control!

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  1. So excited for this season unfolding in your midst! God is definitely moving in and through you and you are in the best posture… open & expectantly waiting on God’s instruction and confirmation. Praying for this pivotal season in your life as you cross one finish line and launch into the next “triathlon”

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