let’s talk about procrastination

Stress sTrEsS STRESS !!! Having almost completed three years of high school, I know well about procrastination. We procrastinate because we are #sodone with responsibilities and school and anxiety about the future and our minds need a break from all that. Or we just procrastinate because who really wants to study anyways. I hate how hard it is to see the big picture when it comes to school. I have seen countless tumblr and twitter posts about how school doesn’t teach us anything useful. In some ways I agree, because school needs to be teaching us immediate skills that we will need right after we graduate (or even before), like paying taxes, balancing checkbooks, computer skills, and all that fun stuff. But at the same time, it does help to know algebra and calculus and history, once we get farther down the road. But I hate studying for things without feeling the benefits right away. Honestly why do I even need to learn about triangles when I can be learning about superheroes and magic and great heroes of time.



Ok I love cheese puffs but this is getting way too deep LETS TALK ABOUT MY ULTIMATE TOOLS OF PROCRASTINATION so you can waste your life like I’ve wasted mine!!! 🙂


1. THE FLASH a.k.a. a cute lil lanky puppy gaining super speed and fighting bad guys with sidekicks and a bunch of other cool things


I have to admit I never read the comics because ain’t nobody got time for that but maybe I will in the future! I know some of the backstory but who knows if they’ll even follow the storyline from the comics anyway.




The Flash

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